About Bio-Grid

The Bio-Grid REU program will continue from 2012-2014. While retaining its main themes from 2008-2010, the Bio-Grid will operate within a more broadly defined scope of Cyber-Enabled Systems. We anticipate an enriched summer research experience for student participants!

The program offers undergraduate students nationwide the opportunity to participate in research activities associated with the Bio-Grid initiatives conducted at the University of Connecticut. The initiatives aim at advancing the application of modern computing infrastructure and information technology to research and practice in various life-science disciplines. Specific research activities include several inter-disciplinary projects led by researchers at the University of Connecticut.

The Bio-Grid REU is jointly held with the CAS and the Trustable Computing REU Sites. Details of the 10-week summer program in 2014 are as follows:

Dates: May 27 – Aug 1, 2014 (tentative)
Stipend: $5,000 (Subsistence and travel reimbursements are also available.)
Prerequisites: Background in computing or biological science and interest in both subjects.

A series of training seminars will equip students with preliminary background knowledge. The seminars introduce students to concepts involving modern computing infrastructures, related information technology, as well as research work in life-science disciplines that rely on or benefit from such infrastructures. REU students will work with the project staff on a selected research topic. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Annual International Bio-Grid Workshop, which will expose participants to similar research projects conducted worldwide.

The project staff has strong research credentials in computing infrastructures, algorithmic techniques, middle-ware support and resource management strategies that are generally applicable to various life-science disciplines. We anticipate the associated activities with our REU program will prepare future software engineers to formalize and solve problems emerging from life sciences, as well as life-science researchers and professionals to gain a strong background in information processing techniques.

The Bio-Grid REU programs are sponsored by the National Science Foundation.